Titanic - the Musical 2005

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WKLOS presented the Merseyside Premiere of 'Titanic'.

"The greatest American musical to have been written in 15 years.  
 A triumph!   A score which soars...........A masterpiece!"     Sheridan Morley

Director                    Sharon Henderson

Musical Director       Robert Bowness

Choreographer         Deborah Clarke

Technical Director    Steve Lomax

Set Designer            Claire Southworth

 Rehearsal accompanist   David Steedman 

  Assisted by                         Rachel Williams


Story and book by

Peter Stone

Music and lyrics by

Maury Yeston



The WKLOS presentation of 'Titanic - the Musical' was awarded
Best Musical of the Year 2005 at the Annual NODA awards in Blackpool on 30th April 2006.

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A message from composer Maury Yeston  05 May 2006 16:46
Yay.. hooray for West Kirby!!

Congratulations to all, and of course....Sail On!!

All best wishes


Cast members  ( click on to enlarge )

Cast List 
Officers and Crew of R.M.S. Titanic
  Captain E.J. Smith   Mike Ellis
  1st Officer William Murdoch   Simon Killeen
  2nd Officer Charles Lightoller   Tony Clare
  3rd Officer Herbert J Pitman   Mike Lockley
  Frederick Barrett - stoker   Keith Phillips
  Harold Bride - radioman   Paul Henderson
  Henry Etches - 1st Class Steward   Jonathan Taylor
 Andrew Latimer    Ian Browell
  Frederick Fleet - lookout   Chris Liston
  Quartermaster Robert Hitchens   Gerry Johnston
  4th Officer Joseph Boxhall   Chris Docherty
  Chief Engineer Joseph Bell   Ian Browell
  Stewardess Robinson   Nicky Mellors
  Stewardess Hutchinson   Joan Reynolds-Jones
  Wallace Hartley   Mark Gardner
  Bellboy   Rory Cubbin
  2nd Class Steward   Oliver Hambly
  3rd Class Steward   Ross Hawley
  Bandsman Taylor   Gerry Johnston
  Bandsman Bricoux   Tom Evans
  Stoker   Graham Rannard
  Sailor   Neil Alveston
  Stevedore   Ross Hawley

Passengers aboard Titanic
  J. Bruce Ismay - the owner   Michael Kennedy
  Thomas Andrews - the builder   Stuart Raphel
  Isidor Straus                     The Straus's - photo 1   Eric Mates
  Ida Straus                          The Straus's - photo 2   Barbara Adams
  J.J.Astor   Clive Jones
  Madeline Astor   Joanne Ellis
  Benjamin Guggenheim   John Phipps
  Madame Aubert   Denise Milnes
  John B Thayer   Tony Lacey
  Marion Thayer   Andrea Otter
  Jack Thayer   Jack Kenny
  George Widener   Graham Rannard
  Eleanor Widener   Jeanette Jarrell
  Charlotte Cardoza   Fran Allen
  J.H. Rogers   Derek Thompson
  The Major   Ray Davies
  Edith Corse Evans   Niki Simmons
  Charles Clarke   Robbie Orford
  Caroline Neville   Katy Hoskinson
  Edgar Beane   David Crosby
  Alice Beane   Tia Chang
  Kate McGowen                     Samantha Arnold
  Kate Murphey                 Three Kates photo   Michelle Dennett
  Kate Mullins   Sarah Hardman
  Jim Farrell   Stephen Hazlehurst
  Frank Carlson   Derek Thomson
  First Man   Alf Gatfield
  Second Man   Neil Alveston
  Third Man   Oliver Hambly
  Fourth Man   Gerry Fear
  German Man   Eric Mates
  Italian Man   Chris Liston
  Italian woman   Charlotte Lomax
  Barrett's girlfriend   Jane Graham
  Fleet's girlfriend   Lucy Moors
  Bride's mother   Lois Holland

Other passengers aboard Titanic
  Beki Allen   John Bayliss
  Helen Banton   Ken Basnett
  Jan Bradshaw     Jack Burnicle
  Louise Brookes   Rob Dolan
  Victoria Casement     Derrick Fear
  Wendy Chapman   John Garrett
  Sheila Disley   
  Carolyn Garland   
  Margaret Gordon   
  Sue Jarvis   
  Wendy Newton   
 Cheryl Seabury   
  Jean Taylor   
  Katrina Youde     
  Jean Bower   


  Children & dogs photograph

  Ben Graham   Catherine McGinn-Roberts
  Kemal Kuguloglu   Lucy Moors
  Jonathan McManus   Beverley Morrissey
  Luke Sanford   Eleanor Platt
  Rachael Buckley   Melanie Stott
  Natasha Carlyle   


  Danielle Carlyle    Kemal Kuguloglu
  Catherine Jennings   Tom Evans
  Gemma McDougall       Rory Cubbin
  Lucy Moors        
  Beverley Morrissey      
  Sara O'Donnell    
  Katie Sheridan      
  Victoria Usherwood          

Production Team

Getting the lifeboat ready
Set Construction Setfree Ltd
Lighting design  Lomax Electrical
Sound Design Mike Haxby and team
Costume Design & Wardrobe Jean Taylor & team
Costumes Kevin Darby Costumes, Cardiff
Stage management & Props  Mary Newton, Simon Grainger
Properties Howarth Wrightson Ltd
Make-up Lee Ireland and team
Ticket Secretary Bob Jarvis
Marketing & Publicity Nicky Mellors & team
Front of House Co-ordinator Howard Reynolds-Jones
DSM / Book Peter Kinder
Visual Projection Ken Rotchel
Signwriting Bill Seabury
Poster and Programme design Nick Sample
Programme compilation Joan Reynolds-Jones
Photographs Crystal Clear photography
Foyer Photographs Graham Rannard Photography
Pekingese dogs Owned & trained by 
Lindsay & Charlotte McNamara
Stage crew, Lighting & Props Fran Anyon, Mary Bell, Diane Coldbeck,
Helen Davies, Howard Davies, Daniel Ellis,
Jessica Donovan,   Christine Harland,
Karen Hall, Angela Higham, Bob Jarvis,
Marg Jones, Richard Jones, Jenny King,
Julie Lomax, Chris Mayers, Ian McDonald, 
Irene Mitchell, Christopher Newton, 
Cathy Pickavance, Ryan Pleavin,
Geoff Simmons, Kyle Sinnett, Graham Tolan,
Dave Usherwood, Natalie Veste,
Dave Williams, Kevin Wood









Rehearsal Photos

3rd class passengers

St George's Hall - History Fair 19th & 20th Feb 2005  - 1

St George's Hall - History Fair 19th & 20th Feb 2005  - 2

Rob, Debbie and David in rehearsal

1st Class passengers

Dancers / children


Photograph Gallery

Finale -scene1 'Farewell Titanic'


Boiler Room

'What a Remarkable Age' - 1
'What a Remarkable Age' - 2

1st Class Dining Salon - 1
1st Class Dining Salon - 2
1st Class Dining Salon - 3
1st Class Dining Salon - 4

3rd Class Dining Room
3rd Class Dining Room - 2

Sunday Morning Hymn

The Latest Rag - 1
The Latest Rag - 2

The Latest Rag - 3

The Latest Rag - 4

No Moon, No Stars - 1
No Moon, No Stars - 2

No Moon, No Stars - 3

No Moon, No Stars - 4

Dressed in your pyjamas in the Grand salon - 1
Dressed in your pyjamas in the Grand salon - 2

Dressed in your pyjamas in the Grand salon - 3

The Blame

Lifeboat scene - 1
Lifeboat scene - 2 
Lifeboat scene - 2a

Lifeboat scene - 2b

Lifeboat scene - 3       Lifeboat - very large
Lifeboat scene - 4
Lifeboat scene - 5

Still - 1


In every age - 1
In every age - 2

Finale - candlelight - 1


Finale - full cast - 1
Finale - fullcast - 2  
    Finale - fullcast - 2-  very large
Finale - full cast - 3


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Press coverage - post show reviews      Click on a cutting to see an enlarged version













Press Release


Described by the critics as "the greatest American Musical to have been written in 15 years" the award-winning TITANIC -  The Musical will have its Merseyside Premiere in June 2005 when WKLOS's production of this "joyous, breathtaking and heartbreaking" show opens at Liverpool's Empire Theatre.

Liverpool owned and registered, RMS Titanic was the largest, strongest and grandest ocean liner in the world - called, in fact, the 'unsinkable' ship.  In the early hours of April 15, 1912, just days into her maiden voyage, the crown jewel of the White Star Line struck an iceberg and sank.  A total of 1517 souls -  men, women and children - lost their lives (only 711 survived).  Many of her officers, crew and passengers came from or had family connections with Liverpool. 

The sinking of RMS Titanic remains the quintessential disaster story of the 20th Century. Whilst of universal interest, it continues to have a special place in Liverpool's cultural heritage.  In the build up to the European Capital of Culture year in 2008, 2005 has been themed 'Sea Liverpool' to celebrate the City's maritime legacy.  It is, therefore, fitting that TITANIC - The Musical will have its Merseyside Premiere in a year which will see the opening of Liverpool's cruise liner terminal, the 25th annual Mersey River Festival, the start of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race and the bicentennial celebration of the Battle of Trafalgar. 

TITANIC - The Musical swept the Tony Awards on Broadway in 1997, winning 5 including Best Musical, and went on to enjoy considerable success throughout the USA and Europe.  It had its UK Premiere in May 2004.  WKLOS will be one of the first companies in the country to stage this ground breaking show.  The planning and preparation has been underway since the performing rights were released in December 2003.  As one might expect, the demands and challenges in every department are genuinely 'titanic' in proportion!  A huge cast of singers, actors and dancers (both adults and children) is being assembled from across Merseyside together with a technical support team to match.  It is anticipated that the production costs will be in the region of 90,000. 

WKLOS is a non-professional, non-profit making company with charitable status.  It is self-financing and is in part reliant upon the generosity of individuals and businesses interested in sponsoring and promoting the Arts within the local community.  TITANIC - The Musical will be a major event which will undoubtedly attract a lot of interest given RMS Titanic's integral role in Liverpool's maritime legacy.  WKLOS would welcome any assistance, financial or otherwise, towards the staging, marketing, publicity and general promotion of TITANIC - The Musical. 

WKLOS has been established for over 50 years.  It has a large membership with a strong musical tradition and high standards of performance.  Under the leadership of its present Artistic Production Team it has acquired a reputation for taking on a challenge and meeting it.  This forward-thinking has been reflected in its choice of recent productions - 'Chess', 'Candide' and 'Evita'.  Its 50th anniversary production of 'Chess' was awarded the honour of Best Musical in the National Operatic and Dramatic Association Awards 2001.  Following this success, WKLOS was one of only ten companies nationwide to be specially invited by Andrew Lloyd-Webber's Really Useful Group to stage the non-professional Premiere of 'Evita'.  Its 2003 production of 'My Fair Lady' at the Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool, was variously described by the Liverpool Echo as 'slick' and 'professional' and received three nominations for awards in the National Operatic and Dramatic Association Awards 2004.

TITANIC - The Musical manages to be grave and entertaining, sombre and joyful.  It is one of those rare musicals that achieve tragic dignity.  Book your passage aboard the world's most infamous ship, 'the ship of dreams'. 

Designs for the show

 Costume designs


 Set designs

White Star cap Badge


The Orchestra
Violins Morris Saleh ( leader ), Celia Hebron, Bridget McKeown,   Sonia Nash, 
Violas Russ Aubusson, Janice Cashin
Cello Liz McIlwaine
Bass Carl Hinde
Keyboards  David Steedman,  Rachel Williams
Flute & Piccolo Beth Cashin
Oboe & Cor Anglais Hilary Duncombe
Clarinet Janet Crossley
Flute & Clarinet Phil Shotton
Bassoon Anthea Wood
Trumpets Julie Baker, Andrew Keegan
Horns Rob Watson, Cliff Jones
Trombones John Davies, Tim Lenehan
Percussion Tony Jennings, Tessa Taylor

The orchestra in rehearsal -1
The orchestra in rehearsal -2


President Lee Ireland
Vice- President Barbara Adams
Colin Iveson
Executive Committee