Titanic - the Musical   2012


Titanic was also presented in 2005

General Information        Titanic - the Musical  2012


Tuesday 5th June 2012 - Saturday  9th June 2012
Evenings at 7.30pm,   Saturday matinee at 2.30pm



The Empire Theatre, Liverpool


              Sharon Henderson
Sharon Henderson



Musical Director

               Robert Bowness

Robert Bowness



               Deborah Clark  
Examiner FBBO.  Deviser of the British Ballet Organisation
Tap Syllabus.     Teacher: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern. 

Debbie Clark



 Music and Lyrics Maury Yeston
Story and book Peter Stone


2012 marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.

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Cast Members                    Titanic - the Musical  2012

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                                       The Crew of the Titanic

 Captain E.J. Smith

 Mike Ellis

 1st Officer William Murdoch

 Bill Seabury

 2nd Officer Charles Lightoller

 Simon Killeen

 3rd Officer Herbert J Pitman

 Mark Prescott

 Frederick Barrett - stoker

 Rob Poston

 Harold Bride - radioman

 Matthew Mellor

 Henry Etches - 1st Class Steward

 Jonathan Taylor

 Andrew Latimer - Chief Steward

 Ian Browell

 Frederick Fleet - lookout

 Nick Hawkswell
 Robert Hitchens - Quartermaster  Mike Lockley

 4th Officer Joseph Boxhall

 Richard Hughes

 Chief Engineer Joseph Bell

 Ian Browell

 Stewardess Robinson

 Nikki Simmons

 Stewardess Hutchinson

 Wendy Newton


 Martyn Davies


 Barry Miller
 Stevedore  David Hayward
                            The orchestra  

 Wallace Hartley- Band master

 Saul Danson


 Callum Hathaway

 Roger Bricoux - Bandsman

 Richard Hughes
 Percy Taylor - Bandsman  Richard Irvine

 Bandsman - Cellist

 Steve Morse

                                   Passengers on the Titanic

 J. Bruce Ismay - the owner  Michael Kennedy

 Thomas Andrews - the designer

 Stuart Raphel
 Isidor Straus  Eric Mates
 Ida Straus  Denise Milnes
 John Jacob Astor  Paul Henderson
 Madeline Astor  Lucy Griffiths
 Benjamin Guggenheim  Tony Clare
 Madame Aubert  Cressida Yorke
 John B Thayer  Tony Lacey
 Marion Thayer  Debbie Simnor
 Jack Thayer  Joseph Thurlow
 George Widener  John Phipps
 Eleanor Widener  Nicky Fallon
 Charlotte Cardoza  Fran Allen
 J.H. Rogers  Keith Phillips
 The Major  Andrew Culshaw
 Edith Corse Evans  Samantha Arnold
 Charles Clarke  Kevin Nugent
 Caroline Neville  Joanne Ellis
 Edgar Beane  Gary Jones
 Alice Beane  Tia Chang
 Kate McGowen  Beki Jenkins
 Kate Murphey  Steff Keilhaus
 Kate Mullins  Sophie Cottrell
 Jim Farrell  Dan Hughes
 First Man  Steve Morse
 Second Man  Barry Miller
 Third Man  Derrick Fear
 Fourth Man  Martyn Davies
 German Man  Andrew Zsigismund
 Italian Man  Nick Hawkswell
 Italian woman  Amy Duggan
 Barrett's girlfriend  Jenny Foulds
 Fleet's girlfriend  Becky Chapman
 Bride's mother  Phyllis Oliver
                     All other parts played by  
 Adi Alfa   Margaret Jones
 Helen Banton   Jennifer Loughlin
 Jan Bradshaw   Jen McKeown
 Becky Chapman   Barry Miller
 Wendy Chapman   Clare Nugent
 Martyn Davies   Phyllis Oliver
 Ray Davies   Mark Prescott
 Sheila Disley   Joan Reynolds Jones
 Amy Duggan   Lisa Roberts
 Caitlin Edwards   Cheryl Seabury
 Derrick Fear   Jean Taylor
 Gerry Fear   Derek Thompson
 Carol Garland   Katie Walsh
 John Garrett - 3rd class passenger   Mark Waters

 John Garrett - sailor

  Helena Youde
 Richard Irvine   Katriina Youde
 Sue Jarvis   Andrew Zsigismund
                        Children                 Dancers
  Emily Chapman   Nicola Barr
  Faye Edwards   Katie Dodd  
  Olivia Hathaway   Jenny Foulds 
  Darcey Henderson   Kemal Kuguloglu
  Rachel Kevern   Laura Milward
  Erin Mooney   Sarah Parkins
  Rachel Pickford   Hannah Ridge
  Esme Rivett   Jessica Roberts
  Freya Rivett   
  Alfie Roberts   
  Erin Thurlow   
  Emily Williams  


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Production Team          Titanic - the Musical  2012

Stage Manager   Dave Molley
 Deputy Stage Manager ( book )   Tom Kaye
 Assistant Stage Manager   Richie Lee
 Front of House Manager   Bob Jarvis
  Set design & construction   Scenic Projects, Suffolk
  (Based on the concept by Sharon Henderson)
  Costume Design & Wardrobe  Jean Taylor
 Sound Design   Dave McKenzie
 Sound Team   Dave McKenzie, Mike Haxby, Jack Oxton
 Sound Equipment provided by  SSE Audio Group
 Radio Microphone Dressers  Kerry Willers & team
 Lighting Design  Chris Jones
 Lighting Team  Chris Jones, Rick Armitage,   Andy Simmonds
 Lighting equipment supplied by   Light The Way
 Projections  Adlib Solutions
 AV Technician  Alan Yates
 Images edited by  Ken Rotchell
 All Ladies Costumes made by Students from Liverpool Community College of  Art, under the direction of Jane King
 Ladies hats designed & made by  Jean Taylor
 Props Mistress  Mary Newton
 Props Team  Ann Birks, Chris Jones, Sarah Clarke,
 Helen Davies, Charlotte Jones, Kirsty Stubbert,
 Laura Prescott, Annette Evans, Natalie Reynolds,
 Daniella Johnstone, Sam Cheadle,Steph Truman
 Stage Crew  Richie Clarke, Jack Condell, Matt Jones,
 Joshua Pask, Oliver Hambly, Geoff Simmons,
  Kate Jones, Rhys Chamberlain, Matt Proctor,
 Chris Foster, Dave Bilotho, Daniel Ellis,
 Stuart McCulley, Mark Pennington


                                              Part of the Stage Crew

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Orchestra          Titanic - the Musical  2012

 1st violins  Celia Hebbron, Daniel Axworthy
 2nd violins  Rose Simms. Joy Hunter
 Viola  Gisela Behrend
 Cello  Geoof Murdin
 Bass  Nigel Richardson
 Flute / Piccolo  Emily Virdee
 Oboe  Hilary Duncombe
 Clarinet  Janet Crossley
 Flute / Clarinet  Paul Leonard
 Bassoon  Linton Stephens  
 Trumpet 1  Julie Baker
 Trumpet 2  Owen Bryce  
 Horn 1  Rob Watson
 Horn 2  Bruce Hebblewhite  
 Trombone  Tim Lenehan
 Bass trombone  John Davies
 Keyboard 1  Jonathan Clayton
 Keyboard 2   Imogen Hayward 
 Percussion  Tessa Taylor ( Tues, Wed, Thurs )
   James Higham ( Fri, Sat )
 Drums  Tony Jennings
 Rehearsal pianists  Jonathan Clayton   Imogen Hayward   Pat Stoddart 

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Programme       Titanic - the Musical  2012
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Photographs       Titanic - the Musical  2012


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First Act

The Opening - The crew arrive

The 3rd and 2nd Class passengers arrive

The First Class Passengers arrive

The Bridge of the Titanic

The Boiler Room

The First Class Dining Room

The Second Class passengers

The Third Class passengers

The Radio Room

The Sunday Morning Service

'The Latest Rag'

'No Moon'

Second Act

'Wake Up, Wake Up' - the corridor scenes

'Dressed in your Pyjamas in the Grand Salon'

On the way to the lifeboats and 'The Blame'

Getting in the Lifeboats - 1

Getting in the Lifeboats - 2

After the last Lifeboat has gone

Survivors on board the Carpathia

The Finale - 'Sail On Titanic'

Backstage at 'Titanic - the Musical'

Backstage - 1

Backstage - 2

Backstage - 3

Backstage - 4

The Band Call for 'Titanic - the Musical'

Band Call

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Press Coverage       Titanic - the Musical  2012

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More Press coverage

Promotional material

Empire Theatre window displays

Costumes and display at St George's Hall

Sardines magazine articles

Audition promotions

Captain Smith visits

NODA Review and on-line reviews

Congratulations letters

A free 'show-taster' at the Albert Dock

Video of the end of 'Sail On Titanic' at band call

 Audio of the opening of the musical - in concert in 2006

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Officials        Titanic - the Musical  2012

 President  Barbara Adams
 Vice President  Margaret Groome  
 Vice President  Colin Iveson
 Executive Committee  
 Chairman  Ray Davies
 Hon Secretary  Cheryl Seabury
 Hon Treasurer  Nick Hawkswell
 Committee Members  
 Ian Browell  Kevin Nugent
 Amy Duggan  Rob Poston
 Derrick Fear  Bill Seabury
 Richard Hughes  Jean Taylor 
 Wendy Newton  Katie Walsh 
 Life Members  
 Barbara Adams  Margaret Jones
 Helen Banton  Michael Kennedy
 Ray Davies  Eric Mates
 Carolyn Garland  Rupert McCarthy
 Lee Ireland  
 Social Committee  
 Chairman  Wendy Newton
 Vice-Chairman  Lee Ireland
 Hon Secretary  Helen Banton
 Hon Trerasurer  Sue Jarvis
 Committee members  
 Barbara Adams  Joan Rees Jones
 Samantha Arnold  Irene Nugent
 Sheila Davies  
 Titanic Production Committee  
 Chairman  Bill Seabury
 Hon Secretary  Cheryl Seabury
 Director  Sharon Henderson
 Musical Director  Rob Bowness
 Choreographer  Debbie Clark
 Technical Director  Dave Molley
 Finances and Budget  Nick Hawkswell
 Finances and Budget  Rob Poston
 Costumes  Jean Taylor
 Properties  Mary Newton
 Sponsorship  Denise Milnes
 PR and Marketing  Michael Kennedy
 Publicity / Programme  Nick Sample