The Merry Widow 2004



Deborah Clarke


'Merry Widow' was also presented in 1960  and   1986

Original Book and Lyrics by

Victor Leon and Leo Stein

New Book and Lyrics by

Phil Park


Music by

Franz Lehar


Music arranged and adapted by

Ronald Hanmer


Cast Members               The Merry Widow 2004

Anna                     Madame Glavari, The Merry Widow

Tia Chang     -  biography

Danilo                    Count Danilovitsch, Attache at the
                                  Pontevedrian Embassy in Paris

Peter Bailey  - biography

Baron Zeta            Pontevedrian Ambassador in Paris 

Mike Ellis     -  biography

Valencienne           The Ambassador's wife 

Denise Milnes -  biography

Camille                    Count de Rosillon

Robert Poston  - biography

Njegus                      Baron Zeta's Factotum

John Phipps

St Brioche              Diplomat guest at  the Embassy 

Keith Phillips

Cascada                 Diplomat guest at  the Embassy 

Michael Kennedy

Kromov                   An Attache

Oliver Hambly

Olga                         Wife of Kromov 

Katy Hoskinson

Bogdanovitsch      An Attache 

Alf Gatfield

Pritsch                     An Attache

David Wolfe

Sylvia                       Lady guests at the Embassy

Beki Allen

Praskovia               Lady guests at the Embassy

Fran Allen

Lo Lo                      Grisette   at Maxim's 

Danielle Greenall

Do Do                     Grisette  at Maxim's 

Joanne Ellis - flapper

Jou-Jou                 Grisette  at Maxim's 

Alison Wootton

Frou-Frou            Grisette   at Maxim's 

Andrea Otter

Clo Clo                  Grisette  at Maxim's 

Jane Graham

Margot                  Grisette   at Maxim's

Niki Simmons

Les Grisettes - photograph-1  

Les Grisettes - photograph-2

                Danilo and Anna          

                 Danilo and Cascada

                                        Cascada, Anna, St Brioche

                                           Baron Zeta, Valencienne and Camille                            

The Orchestra              The Merry Widow 2004

Photographs                       The Merry Widow 2004

Photo gallery - 1

Photo gallery - 2 

Photo gallery - 3

Photo gallery - 4 - 'Women, women, women'

Photo gallery - 5

Photo gallery - 6   Backstage groups

In rehearsal ( l-r )
Michael Kennedy,  Denise Milnes,  David Steedman,  Peter Bailey,  John Phipps

Press Coverage                  The Merry Widow 2004

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Officials              The Merry Widow 2004

      President Lee Ireland
      Vice- President Barbara Adams
      Executive Committee  
      Chairman Michael Kennedy
      Vice - Chairman Louise Brookes
      Hon. Secretary Ray Davies
      Hon. Treasurer Barbara Adams
      Committee members  
      Helen Banton Jan Bradshaw
      Louise Brookes Ian Browell
      Michelle Dennett Stewart Dennett
      Sue Jarvis Nicky Mellors
      Denise Milnes Jean Taylor
      Life Members  
      Barbara Adams Jean Bower
      Ray Davies Carolyn Garland
      Lee Ireland Margaret Jones
      Rupert McCarthy Eric Mates
      Social Committee  
      Chairman Jean Bower
      Vice-Chairman Pam Johnston
      Hon Secretary Sheila Davies
      Hon Treasurer Joan Rees-Jones
      Committee members  
      Barbara Adams Helen Banton
      Lee Ireland Irene Nugent