A Funny Thing Happened on
the Way to the Forum      2010




General Information       
Forum  2010


Tuesday  19th October 2010 - Saturday  23rd October 2010
Evenings at 7.30pm


Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight, Wirral




               Paul Kirkbright



Musical Director

               Robert Bowness



              Deborah Clark
Examiner FBBO.  Deviser of the British Ballet Organisation
Tap Syllabus.     Teacher: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern. 



           David Steedman


 Music and Lyrics   Stephen Sondheim



Cast Members                    Forum  2010


                        Full Company - click to enlarge

Pseudolus Bill Seabury
Senex Tony Clare
Domina Tia Chang
Hysterium Michael Kennedy
Hero Nick Hawkswell
Marcus Lycus

Mike Ellis

Philia Bethany D'Avincourt Smith
Miles Gloriosus Robert Poston
Erronius Ray Davies
Gymnasia Joanne Ellis
Andrea Otter
Natalie Edwards
Tintinabula Laura Milward
Panacea Lucy Clement
Vibrata Liz Wall
Dave Hayward Keith Phillips
Jason Jump Amy Duggan
David J Lee Wendy Newton
Mark Griffiths Gerry Johnston

                  Miles and his soldiers - click to enlarge
Mark Griffiths, Jerry Johnston, Amy Duggan, Rob Poston, Wendy Newton, Jason Jump, David Hayward

         Marcus Lycus and his courtesans - click to enlarge
Laura Milward, Liz Wall, Joanne Ellis, Mike Ellis, Lucy Clement, Andrea Otter, Natalie Edwards

         Miles Gloriosus and first half finale - click to enlarge

                 Finale 'Comedy Tonight' - click to enlarge

ProductionTeam                 Forum  2010

Stage Manager

 Dave Molley

Assistant Stage Manager

 Richie Lee
Set Design & Construction  Ken Rotchell
 Richie Clarke
Scenic artist  Claire Buckley
Sound Design & Operation  Mike Haxby
Lighting Design & Operation  John Harrop
Props Design & Operation  Dave Hayward
Rehearsal Pianists  David Steedman
 Imogen Hayward


 Mary Newton

 Jan Bradshaw
 Margaret Jones


 Ian Stead-Theatrical Costumier

 Deborah Rodney, Patricia Chambers
 Pam Townsend,    Sheila Abernethy


 Bethany Ling

Stage Crew

 Chris Newton,  Oliver Hambly
 Dave Otter,     Richie Clarke

Microphone Dressers

 Kerry Willers


Production Chairman

 Ray Davies
Production Secretary  Cheryl Seabury
Marketing Manager  Michael Kennedy
Ticket Secretary  Bob Jarvis

Programme Editor

 Nick Hawkswell

Programme &  poster design

 Nick Sample

Front of House Manager

 Bob Jarvis

 The Orchestra

 Clarinet/Alto Sax/Flute  Nikki Molley
 Clarinet/Alto Sax  Sarah Williams
 Clarinet/Tenor Sax  David Silvera
 Clarinet/Baritone Sax/
 Bass Clarinet
 Gordon Macey
 Trumpets  Julie Baker, Owen Bryce
 Trombones  John Davies, Tim Lenehan
 Keyboards  David Steedman 
 Keyboards/Percussion  Imogen Hayward
 Drums  Tony Jennings

Programme                         Forum  2010

                                                    click to enlarge






Photographs                       Forum  2010

                                                                        The set


First Act


'Comedy Tonight' - The Proteans


'Comedy Tonight' - The Cast


Domina and Senex leave for the country


'Free',  Hero and Philia,  'You're Lovely'


'The House Of Marcus Lycus'

'Pretty Little Picture'

Senex returns from the country


'Everybody ought to have a Maid'


Erronius returns

Miles Gloriosus is on his way


'Bring me my Bride' and 1st half finale

Second Act


Opening and 'Dirty Old Man'

Hysterium  'You're Lovely'

The 'Funeral' of Hysterium

The Chase

The Finale


Closing 'Comedy Tonight'


Press Coverage                    
Forum  2010

  Letter from June Lancelyn-Green ( President of Gladstone Theatre Trust )

                                    click to enlarge

                                               NODA Review



                                       Click to enlarge


Following the roaring success of its May production, 'Once Upon A Time At The Adelphi',
WKLOS continues its diamond jubilee season with a production of 'A Funny Thing Happened
On The Way To The Forum'
. What better way to brighten up a cold, dark, autumnal evening
than to visit the Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight Village to see Stephen Sondheim's broad,
bawdy and hilariously entertaining musical comedy. This fun-filled vaudevillian romp through
Ancient Rome is one of the funniest musicals ever written. Mistaken identities, frantic chases,
lascivious husbands, men in dresses, long-lost children, mixed-up potions and more guarantee
that you will be laughing all the way home! Add to the comedy, the witty lyrics and toe-tapping
tunes of Broadway's legendary composer, Stephen Sondheim, in this his 80th year, and you
have the perfect escape from all our modern day troubles!

The show is being staged at the Gladstone Theatre, Port Sunlight Village from
Tuesday 19th to Saturday 23rd October 2010
nightly at 7.30 p.m. Tickets, 14pounds full & 12pounds
 concessions, are available from the Theatre Box Office on 0151 643 8757, WKLOS' Ticket Secretary
on 0151 342 2143 or online at www.gladstonetheatre.org.uk .

The show is being directed by Paul Kirkbright, musically directed by Rob Bowness
(recipient of NODA Best Musical Director Award 2010) and choreographed by Deborah Clark
(Principal of the Wallasey School of Ballet).

Don't be disappointed, book your tickets now for a show that has 'something familiar,
something peculiar, something for everyone' and is, unquestionably, 'a comedy tonight'!

For further details go to www.wklos.org.uk .


Officials                                 Forum  2010


Barbara Adams

Past President

Lee Ireland

Vice- Presidents

Colin Iveson
Margaret Groome


Executive Committee



Ray Davies

Hon Secretary

Cheryl Seabury

Hon Treasurer

Nick Hawkswell

Committee members


 Amy Duggan  David J Lee
 Joanne Ellis  Robert Poston
 Bill Seabury  Jean Taylor
 Bethany D'Avincourt Smith  Oliver Hambly
 Nicky Fallon  Helen Banton

Life Members


 Barbara Adams  Ray Davies
 Carolyn Garland  Lee Ireland
 Margaret Jones  Rupert McCarthy
 Eric Mates  Michael Kennedy
Helen Banton  



 Social Committee



 Wendy Newton


 Lee Ireland

Hon Secretary

 Helen Banton

Hon Treasurer

 Sue Jarvis



Committee members

Barbara Adams  Sheila Davies
Samantha Arnold  Joan Rees Jones
   Irene Nugent