Photo Gallery  5          A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum  - 2010

                                                 Eunuchs in the House of Marcus Lycus 
Gerry Johnston   Dave HaywardJason Jump, Dave Lee

                    Panacea and Eunuch                                                Marcus Lycus 
Lucy Clement,  Dave Lee Mike Ellis

                                                     Pseudolus inspects Panacea
 Keith Phillips, Bill Seabury, Laura Milward, Nick Hawkswell, Lucy Clement, Gerry Johnston

Marcus Lycus extols the virtues of his merchandise to Pseudolus - Behold The Geminae
Mike Ellis, Bill Seabury, Nick Hawkswell Mike Ellis, Natalie Edwards, Andrea Otter

                                              Pseudolus and The Geminae
Natalie Edwards, Bill Seabury, Andrea Otter Andrea Otter, Bill Seabury,  Natalie Edwards

Laura Milward  Laura MilwardKeith Phillips, Bill Seabury,Nick Hawkswell,  Laura Milward

                                                         Vibrata and Pseudolus
Liz Wall
Bill Seabury, Liz WallKeith Phillips, Andrea Otter, Bill Seabury, Liz Wall, Nick Hawkswell

Joanne Ellis, Dave Lee Joanne Ellis

                                                Marcus Lycus, Gymnasia and PseudolusMike Ellis, Joanne Ellis, Bill Seabury

                                            Gymnasia, Pseudolus and Hero
Joanne Ellis, Bill Seabury, Nick Hawkswell

                                            Marcus Lycus and his courtesans
Lucy Clement, Natalie Edwards, Laura Milward, Mike Ellis, Liz Wall

Mike Ellis and courtesans

Joanne Ellis, Lucy Clement, Natalie Edwards, Mike Ellis, Andrea Otter, Liz Wall, Laura Milward

                                        Marcus Lycus, Pseudolus and Hero
Mike Ellis, Bill Seabury, Nick Hawkswell

                                               Philia and Marcus Lycus
                                        Bethany D'Avincourt Smith, Mike Ellis