A Waltz Dream  1953


Monday  20th April 1953 - Saturday 25th April 1953

Evenings at 7.30pm.



The Winter Gardens Cinema, Hoylake


Producer   ( see note below )

              Leslie Mumford



Assistant Producer

                 Elsie Lowenthal



Musical Director

                Bernard Sephton



Ballet Mistress

                   Laura Wickes



Music by

Oscar Straus

Lyrics by

Adrian Rass



Dramatis Personae


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Lieutenant Niki

George Audley

Count Lothar    ( cousin of the Prince )

Edward G Gittins

Lieutenant Montschi

W Beattie Patterson

Max Bauer    ( a waiter )

R Stanley Owen

Herr Frank    ( a minister )

George  McRobert

Wendolin       ( Major-Domo )

William Bethell

Sigismund      ( Head Lackey )

Bill Aldridge

JoachimXIII  ( Prince of Fiausethurn )

Tom Heap

Princess Helene

Margaret Groome

Frederica   ( Chief Lady-in-Waiting )

Joyce Johnston

Fifi         ( Big Drum )

Pat Henderson

Hana      ( Little Drum )

Pamela Corlett

Emmi     ( a Kellnerin )

Eileen Rowntree

Rizzi         ]

Sheila Smith

Pepzi        ]

Jean Wood

Lizzi         ]     Dancers

Carol Pettigrew

Fritzi        ]

Gloria Gibson

Mitzi        ]

Hilda Bethell


Eileen Bonner



Ladies of the Chorus

Gentlemen of the Chorus



Julie M Ashworth

P Avis

Mary Bain

Colin Bain

Hilda Bethell

G Fleet

B Carson

I Holmes

May Douthwaite

D McCulloch

V Green

George McRobert

P Grindrod

JM Sim

V Hassall

Charles Smith

Daphne Hobkinson

Ken Unsworth

Jennifer Leach-Smith


D Owen


N Park


J Patterson


P Rainford


R Royden


Jacqueline Sherlock


Margaret Whitaker


H Wilson








P Bridges

P Webster

Celia Miller

Laura Wickes

Sheila Smith

Gloria Gibson


Production Team


Hon Accompanist

M Leach-Smith

Wardrobe Mistress

Mrs G Wood

Stage Director

JP Hindley

Stage Manager

Peter Sherlock

Asst. Stage Managers

D S Williams


Mervyn D Henderson


FG Fowles

Make up

Arthur Burgess


Barbara Burgess


Mrs N Hindley


Mrs DM Fowles


Miss A Fowles


Mrs A Lloyd

The Stage Group

R Blackburn


MR Hatton


G Head


I Houston


R Lloyd


D MacDonald


G Spillane


N Steggles


J Verrinder


Joan Aldridge

Call Boy

B Caidan

Programme Adverts

Mrs R Caidan


J Benton

Programme Secretary

W Leach-Smith


Geo Fox Ltd, London


Ann Allson, Liverpool


Bert Loman Ltd, Manchester

Electrical Fittings by

Strand Electric Co Ltd, Manchester

Grand Pianoforte by

Crane & SonsLtd

Furniture supplied by

Thompson Bros, West Kirby

Joint House managers

Mr SF Bonner


Mr A Worley

Ticket Secretary

W Leach-Smith

Block Bookings

Colin Blain

Hon Auditor

Raymond Law CA




During the preparation of 'A Waltz Dream' the Society sustained a severe blow, but as so often happens, 
was compensated by a piece of real good fortune.  Some six weeks ago our great friend and indefatigable 
producer,  Maurice Lowenthal was obliged, because of illness, to relinquish the production.
We were rescued

from a very difficult position by Mr Leslie Mumford, the Producer for the Waterloo Operatic Society, 

who at short notice and in spite of other commitments took over this exacting job.  We offer our sincere thanks 

to Mr Mumford for undertaking to complete the production, despite the extreme difficulties with which he has been faced.   

We also gratefully thank Mrs Elsie Lowenthal for carrying on alone during the early stages of her husband's illness 

and then acting as Assistant Producer to Mr Mumford.







Arthur Rowland ( Leader )

J Whitehouse

D Morris


B Turner

GF Callis

A Milton

F Miller

MG West



H Preston

A Ingham



H Abraham

I Cantor



T Wane

D Newbold




Committee and Officers


Councillor GA Coard




Miss Maud Carpenter MA








Tom Williams Esq OBE


FW Faulkner Esq


Mrs EM Bonner BA


W Leach-Smith Esq



Colin Bain Esq

JP Hindley Esq

J Benton Esq

Miss NE Hudson MA

GS Brodie

A WorleyEsq

WB Henshilwood




Casting Committee


GS Brodie

Tom Williams MBE

FW Faulkner Esq

Mrs NL Worley

Miss NE Hudson MA




Social Committee





Mrs F Reynolds-Jones


Mrs NL Worley Esq


Mrs E Evans



Mrs M Ashworth

Mrs M Leach-Smith

Mrs EM Bonner BA

Mr W Leach-Smith

Mrs R Caidan

Mrs E Prytherch

Mrs M Coard

Mrs E Rowntree

Mrs GL Faulkner

Mrs I Smith


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