The Secret Garden 2006

Assistant Director
Do French

David Steedman
Martin Dack 


Book and Lyrics by  

Marsha Norman

Music by  

Lucy Simon

Based on the children's book by

Francis Hodgson Burnett

Cast Members               The Secret Garden 2006

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    Poster              The Secret Garden 2006

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    Photographs                       The Secret Garden 2006

Press Coverage                  The Secret Garden 2006

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    Dowager's Diary Review - Wirral Champion and NODA Review

Officials              The Secret Garden 2006

President Lee Ireland
Vice- President Barbara Adams
Executive Committee  
Chairman Mike Kennedy
Vice - Chairman Louise Docherty
Hon. Secretary Beki Allen
Hon. Treasurer Jane Graham
    Committee members  
    Helen Banton Ian Browell
    Louise Docherty Michelle Dennett
    Derrick Fear Oliver Hambly
    Lois Holland Katy Hoskinson
    Sue Jarvis Denise Milnes
    Jean Taylor Ray Davies
    Life Members  
    Barbara Adams Ray Davies
    Carolyn Garland Lee Ireland
    Margaret Jones Rupert McCarthy
    Eric Mates  
    Social Committee  
    Chairman Wendy Newton
    Vice-Chairman Pam Johnston
    Hon Secretary Sheila Davies
    Hon Treasurer Joan Rees-Jones
    Committee members  
    Barbara Adams Helen Banton
    Lee Ireland Irene Nugent
    Nikki Simmons