My Fair Lady  2003



General Information        My Fair Lady  2003

Wednesday  30th April - Saturday 3rd May  2003
Evenings at 7.30pm - Saturday matinee at 2.30pm

The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool 


             Sharon Henderson


Musical Director

                Robert Bowness


Deborah Clarke

Book and Lyrics by

Alan J Lerner

Music by

Frederick Loewe

Adapted from George Bernard Shaw's play and Gabriel Pascal's motion picture 'Pygmalion'.   
 By arrangement with Musicscope and Stage Musicals Ltd of New York.


Cast Members                    My Fair Lady  2003

Eliza Doolittle

Gina Davies

Freddy Eynsford-Hill

Jonathan Taylor

Mrs Eynsford-Hill

Jean Taylor

Clara Eynsford-Hill

Sarah Hardman

Colonel Hugh Pickering

Michael Ellis


Alf Gatfield David Wolfe

A Hoxton Man

Richard Kemp

A Selsey Man

Ray Davies

Professor Henry Higgins

Michael Kennedy

First Costermonger

Derrick Fear

Second Costermonger

Gerry Fear

Third Costermonger

Geoff Bibby

Fourth Costermonger

Mark Williamson


Keith Phillips

Alfred P Doolittle

John Phipps


Paul Henderson


Ian Browell

Angry Woman

Jane Graham

Angry Man

Mike Lockley

Mrs Pearce

Barbara Adams

Mrs Hopkins

Fran Allen


Mark Williamson

Lady Boxington

Alison Wootton

Lord Boxington

Ray Davies

Mrs Higgins

Lois Holland

Flower Girl

Beki Allen

Police Officer

Oliver Hambly


Geoff Bibby

Zoltan Karpathy

Mike Lockley

The Maids

Michelle Groom, Sarah Hardman
Alison Wootton, Beki Allen


 Female Chorus

 Male Chorus

Beki Allen

Bert Atkinson

Fran Allen

Geoff Bibby

Helen Banton

Ian Browell

Jean Bower

Derek Cronin

Jan Bradshaw

Ray Davies

Louise Brookes

Derrick Fear

Victoria Casement

Gerry Fear

Sheila Disley

Alf Gatfield

Joanne Ellis

Oliver Hambly

Carolyn Garland

Paul Henderson

Margaret Gordon

Richard Kemp

Jane Graham

Mike Lockley

Michelle Groom

Keith Phillips

Sarah Hardman

Rob Poston

Katy Hoskinson

Graham Rannard

Sue Jarvis

Mark Williamson

Pam Johnston

David Wolfe

Nicky Mellors


Denise Milnes


Andrea Otter


Joan Reynolds-Jones


Natalie Robinson


Marianne Ryan


Helena Walsby-Tickle


Nikki Wilson


Alison Wootton


Katrina Youde



  Cockney children

Katherine Birney Ben Graham
Annina Youde Daniel Johnson
Helena Youde Jonathan McManus
Charlotte Lomax  


At the Embassy Ball
As Cockneys

Joanne Byrne Neil Blackmore
Carron Coomer Jack Burnicle
Clare Coomer Gerry Johnston
Joanne Lamont Saul Murphy

Gemma McDougall

Richard Pitt

Laura Milward

David Usherwood
Lucy Moors     
Katy Schless     

Victoria Usherwood




Backstage Team                 My Fair Lady  2003

Stage Manager

Steve Lomax

Deputy Stage Manager

Sharon Henderson


Albermarle of London


Mike Haxby and team


Adlite ( Peter Abrahams, Dave Platt )

Props team

Mary Newton and team


Jean Taylor, Sheelagh Green


Perceptions and The Pantomime Shop.
Dress Circle Hire, Longridge, Preston

Ascot Costumes

Kevin Darby, Cardiff

Embassy Ball Costumes

Top Drawer, Hoylake

Morning and Evening wear hire

Cains of Heswall


Showbiz!  Southampton


Lee Ireland and team

Accompanist David Steedman

Production Committee Chair

Louise Brookes

Production assistant
& rehearsal prompt

Penny Reddington

Ticket Secretary

Bob Jarvis


Nicky Mellors and team

House Manager

Howard Reynolds-Jones

Programme cover design

David Taylor

Programme Photographs

Crystal Clear photography

Stage crew

Kevin Wood, Ian McDonald, Geoff Simmons, Chris Corkhill, Matthew Hayes, Dave Otter,
Jo Framey, Philip Ashworth, Peter Kinder, Rebecca Koncienzcy, James McMahon,
Graham Kneale, Simon Madden, Daniel Ellis.

For the Royal Court Theatre.  General Manager

Simon Geddes

The Society wishes to thank the following;-   

  • the management and staff of The Royal Court Theatre for their help and expertise in staging this production.

  • the many unnamed members and friends who have so generously given their time and help

  • Gordale Nurseries for supplying plants

Programme                 My Fair Lady  2003


    Pages from the programme   of "My Fair Lady".  

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    A message from our President

    A message from Cameron Mackintosh

Photographs                My Fair  Lady  2003

                                                              Higgins at Ascot

A Little bit of Luck

Higgins' Household Staff


Get me to the Church

The Embassy Ball

You Did It



    Press Coverage                     My Fair Lady  2003

    Click on a cutting to see an enlarged version.




The following is an extract from a book called 'Living with Dying' by Grace Sheppard.

She was the wife of Rev David Sheppard, Cof E Bishop of Liverpool.

He died in April 2005 in West Kirby and drew some comfort from the WKLOS production of 'My Fair Lady'



The Orchestra                      My Fair Lady  2003


Morris Saleh ( leader )
Jo Quigley    
Ann Dixon
Vicky Connell
 Violas Russ Aubusson, Janice Cashin
 Cello Patricia Goulcher
 Bass Gladys Williams
 Flute / Piccolo Beth Cashin
 Oboe / Cor Anglais Denise Scott
 Clarinets Peter Hill, Janet Crossley
 Bassoon Bob Hinde
 Trumpets Julie Baker, Jane Laird
 Horns Cliff Jones, Bruce Hepplewhite
 Trombone John Davies, Tim Lenehan
 Percussion Jill Hyde, Tony Jennings


Officials                           My Fair  Lady  2003
    President Norman Garland
    Vice- President Lee Ireland
    Executive Committee  


    Mike Kennedy

    Vice - Chairman

    Louise Brookes
    Hon. Secretary Ray Davies

    Hon. Treasurer

    Mark Williamson
    Committee members  

    Barbara Adams

    Helen Banton

    Jan Bradshaw

    Michelle Groom

    Sue Jarvis

    Nicky Mellors

    Joan Reynolds Jones

    Jean Taylor

    Stewart Dennett


    Life Members  
    Barbara Adams Jean Bower
    Ray Davies Carolyn Garland
    Lee Ireland Margaret Jones
    Rupert McCarthy Eric Mates
    Social Committee  
    Chairman Jean Bower
    Vice-Chairman Pam Johnston
    Hon Secretary Sheila Davies
    Hon Treasurer Joan Rees-Jones
    Committee members  
    Barbara Adams Helen Banton
    Lee Ireland Irene Nugent