Evita   2002


General Information       
Evita  2002

Tuesday  7th May - Saturday 11th May 2002
Evenings at 7.30pm - Saturday matinee at 2.30pm

The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool 


                 Robert Bowness

Musical Director

                          Geoff Lavelle


Deborah Clarke

Technical Director

                         Steve Lomax

Music by

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lyrics by

Tim Rice

Cast Members                    Evita  2002

  Tuesday / Friday /
Saturday matinee
Wednesday / Thursday /
Saturday evening
  Eva Peron   Sharon Henderson   biography   Gina Davies     biography
  Juan Peron   Mike Carr    biography   Tony Clare   biography
  Che Guevara   Rob Poston      biography       Damian McBeath   biography
  Danielle Greenall   biography   Michelle Groom   biography
  Magaldi   Stewart Dennett   biography   Stewart Dennett      biography
         Keith Phillips   ( Sat mat only )
  Young Eva   Rebecca Bird       Rebecca Bird   

                                            People of Argentina

 Female Chorus

 Male Chorus

Barbara Adams Geoff Bibby

Rebecca Allen

Ian Browell

Fran Allen

Ray Davies

Helen Banton

Paul Danson

Rebecca Bird Michael Ellis

Jean Bower

Derrick Fear

Jan Bradshaw

Gerry Fear

Louise Brookes

Alf Gatfield

Andrea Byford Oliver Hambly

Vicky Casement

Paul Henderson

Wendy Chapman Barry Holland
Sheila Davies Michael Kennedy

Sheila Disley

Steve Lomax

Joanne Ellis

Eric Mates

Carolyn Garland

Robbie Orford

Margaret Gordon

Keith Phillips

Philippa Hipwell

Joe Potts

Lois Holland Graham Rannard
Jeanette Jarrel Geoff Simmons
Sue Jarvi

Ray Ward

Pam Johnston

Mark Williamson

Margaret Jones  

Nicky Mellors

 Joan Reynolds Jones    
 Marianne Ryan  
 Jean Taylor  
 Niki Wilson  
 Katriina Youde  

                     Children's cast
               ( Tues, Thurs, Sat eve )

    Children's cast
( Wed, Fri, Sat mat )

            click picture to enlarge

    click picture to enlarge

Lucy Beer Hannah Aspinall
Katherine Birney Sarah Banks
Kimberley Brook Jamie Barwood
Iolanda Carriera Benjamin Beard
Emma Calvert Emma Benfield
Christopher Edwards Helen Box
Tom Evans Kimberley Brook
Charlotte Gadd Martin Browell
Natalie Gronow Emily Corker
Chloe Howell  Jade Cotgrave
Natalie Jarvis Anna Green
Sarah Littler Michael Henderson
Joanna Male Andrew Hesketh
Natalie Male Daniel Johnson
Alex Manning Charlotte Lomax
Zoe Manning Sophie Marsden
James Marshall Jet Mates
Genevieve McCormick Christopher McLenaghan
Jonathan McManus David McLenaghan
Catherine Roberts Laura McLenaghan
Christopher McGuigan Sam Meadows
Catherine Millward Lauren Mealor
Alexander Potts Kate Mellors
Dominic Potts Beth Redmond
Jordan Reilly Natalie Robinson
Natalie Robinson Stephen Smith
Amy Roddan Emily Wilson
Louise Rouse Josh Wilson
Alyssa Stott Annina Youde
Melanie Stott
Joanne Byrne Neil Blackmore
Chloe Clark Saul Murphy
Clare Coomer Richard Pitt
Joanne Lamont David Usherwood
Nicola Mossman
Deborah Parry  
Katy Schless  


Backstage Team                 Evita  2002

Stage Manager

Chris Mullineux

Deputy Stage Manager

Dave Murray
Assistant Stage Manager ( book ) Adam Russell
Stage crew Richard Barker, Iain Lewis, 
Chris Murray, Lee Jones and team
Set   Steve Lomax

Set construction

Robert Longthorne 
( Square One Staging Solutions )


Mike Haxby and team


Peter Abrahams, Dave Platt (Adlite)

Flying Effects Mike Frost ( Hi-Fi )
AV Projection Brian Barnes-Ellis, Penny Reddington
Accompanist Liz Gladman
Costumes Midland Costumes, Crewe


Barbara Adams, Sue Jarvis


Showbiz! Southampton


Lee Ireland and team

House Manager

Howard Reynolds-Jones

Ticket Secretary

Bob Jarvis

Production Committee secretary Margaret Jones


Nicky Mellors and team

Programme cover design

David Taylor

Programme design & advertising Joan Reynolds-Jones, Ray Ward

Programme Photographs

Crystal Clear photography

The Society wishes to thank the following;-   

  • the management and staff of The Royal Court Theatre for their help and expertise in staging this production.  

  • Christopher Bailey, a member of Ford Sidevalve Owners' Club, for the loan of his car

  • the many unnamed members and friends who have so generously given their time and help

Programme                 Evita  2002

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Photographs       Evita  2002

                                   'A New Argentina' - click to enlarge

In performance

Cast photos backstage

More backstage 

Press Coverage                     Evita  2002

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Officials                  Evita  2002