Candide 2001



General Information       
Candide  2001


Wednesday    25th April 2001 - Saturday  28th April 2001
Evenings at 7.30pm


Floral Pavilion, New Brighton

                Robert Bowness

Musical Director

                  Geoff Lavelle


Deborah Clarke

    West Kirby Light Opera Society proudly present the 
    Wirral premiere of  Leonard Bernstein's Musical.
 Music by   Leonard Bernstein
 Book by   Hugh Wheeler ( based on the book by Voltaire)

Lyrics by

  Richard Wilbur
Additional lyrics by   John La Touche,  Dorothy Parker,  Lillian Hellman
     Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim
Orchestrations by   Leonard Bernstein

Orchestrations by

  Hershy Kay and John Mauceri

Cast Members                    Candide  2001
Candide Michael Kennedy


Denise Milnes

Pangloss / Voltaire

Eric Mates

Old Lady

Jean Taylor


Stewart Dennett


Phillipa Hipwell

Cacambo / 1st Officer

Paul Henderson

Governor / 2nd Officer

Robert Poston

Vanderdendur / Grand Inquisitor

John Phipps


Phil Nelson

Captain / croupier

Mark Williamson

            Various other roles  played by the Company

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  Baron  /  Don Issachar Ragotski   Mike Ellis
 Baroness / Slave driver   Lois Holland


  Sue Jarvis

  James / Wise Old Man

  Ray Davies


  Ian Woolford

  Lisbon Woman / Waitress 3

  Jan Bradshaw

  Informer 1

  Joan Reynolds Jones

  Informer 2

  Joanne Ellis

  Bear Keeper

  Steve Lomax


  Ken Basnett


  Gerry Fear


  Derrick Fear
  Cardinal Archbishop of Paris   Geoff Bibby
  Waitress 1   Michelle Groom
  Waitress 2   Nicky Mellors
  Father Bernard   Ray Ward
  First Jesuit / King of Eldorado   Alf Gatfield
  Eldoradans   Joan Reynolds - Jones,  Sue Jarvis,
  Barbara Adams, Louise Brookes, 
  Ray Davies, Oliver Hambly,
  Alf Gatfield,
Ken Basnett 
  Soldiers   Paul Henderson, Rob Poston,
  Ian Woolford, Mark Williamson
  Oliver Hambly, Steve Sunderland  
  Syphilitic beggars   Geoff Bibby Steve Lomax
  Alf Gatfield, Derrick Fear,
  Paul Henderson, Ken Basnett
  Inquisitors   Mark Williamson, Rob Poston,
  Steve Sunderland, Phil Nelson  
Jean Bower

Ian Browell

Sophie Burden

Brian Crabtree

Andrea Byford

Rupert McCarthy

Victoria Casement  
Wendy Chapman  

Sheila Disley

Carolyn Garland  
Margaret Gordon  
Jane Hayes-Green  
Margaret Jones  
Marianne Ryan  
Niki Wilson  
Katrina Youde  


Chloe Clark Neil Blackmore
Clare Coomer Saul Murphy
Katie Schless Richard Pitt
Bethan Wright  


Backstage Team                 Candide  2001

Stage Manager

Chris Mullineux

Assistant Stage Manager

Dave Murray
House Manager   Howard Reynolds Jones
Stage lighting Richard Beckley
Stage sound   Mike Haxby and team


Victoria Wells



Wardrobe   Jean Taylor, Sue Jarvis,
Sheelagh Green 


Showbiz! Southampton


Lee Ireland and team

Scenery Border Studios, Selkirk
Props team Chris Mullineux and team

Ticket Secretary

Bob Jarvis

Production Committee secretary Margaret Jones
Publicity   Eric Mates and team
Programme cover design   Reflex Graphics
Programme design & advertising Joan Reynolds Jones, Ray Ward

Programme Photographs

Crystal Clear photography


Penny Reddington

Call persons

Fran and Rebecca Allen

    Programme                 Candide  2001

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Photographs              Candide  2001

Rob Poston, Paul Henderson                                                           The Governor and Cacambo

Officials                     Candide  2001

    President Norman Garland
    Vice- President Lee Ireland
    Executive Committee  
    Chairman Mike Kennedy
    Vice - Chairman Jean Bower
    Hon. Secretary Ray Davies
    Hon. Treasurer Barbara Adams
    Committee members  
    Helen Banton Jan Bradshaw

    Louise Brookes

    Sue Jarvis

    Margaret Jones Joan Reynolds-Jones

    Jean Taylor

    Stewart Dennett

    Eric Mates


    Life Members  
    Barbara Adams Lee Ireland
    Social Committee  
    Chairman Jean Bower
    Vice-Chairman Pam Johnston
    Hon Secretary Sheila Davies
    Hon Treasurer Joan Rees-Jones
    Committee members  
    Barbara Adams Helen Banton
    Lee Ireland Margaret Jones
    Irene Nugent