Once Upon a Time at the Adelphi   2010


   'Once Upon a Time at the Adelphi' was also presented in 2018
General Information       
Adelphi  2010


Tuesday  4th May 2010 - Saturday  8th May 2010
Evenings at 7.30pm

Matinee at 2.30pm


Floral Pavilion, New Brighton




Sharon Henderson



Musical Director

Robert Bowness



Deborah Clark



David Steedman


 Music and Lyrics   Phil Willmott


Cast Members                    Adelphi  2010


Jo Joanne Ellis
Neil Nick Hawkswell
Older Alice Denise Milnes
Younger Alice Kate Mellors
Tommy Thompson Robert Poston

Lord Rothmore

Mike Ellis

Mo Thompson Nicky Fallon
Fritz Dave Lee


Samantha Arnold

Irish Porter Bill Seabury

Hollywood Movie Star

Richard Pitt

Roy Rogers Kevin Nugent


Beki Allen


Rory Cubbin
Pawnbroker Derek Thompson

Hollywood Producer

David Crosby

Dolores - his wife

Tia Chang

Brad Finkle

Rory Cubbin


Adelphi Guests and Staff (2010), Adelphi Guests and Staff (1930's), 1930's Neighbours, Kitchen staff, Hollywood Movie Stars and Producers, Native Americans, Secretaries and Supervisors, Adelphi Singers, Adelphi Guests, Staff, GI's (1940's).
Beki Allen Ian Browell
Jan Bradshaw Tony Clare
Vicky Casement Rory Cubbin
Tia Chang Ray Davies
Wendy Chapman Derrick Fear
Sheila Disley Gerry Fear
Amy Duggan John Garrett

Carolyn Garland

 Dave Hayward

Margaret Gordon

 David J Lee
Paula Hunter  John Lee

Sue Jarvis

 Kevin Nugent

Josie Jevons-Hirst

Graham Rannard

Margaret Jones

Bill Seabury
Lynne Lee Derek Thompson
Wendy Newton  
Claire Nugent  

Andrea Otter


Joan Reynolds-Jones

Lisa Roberts  

Cheryl Seabury

Niki Simmons  

Debbie Simnor

Jean Taylor  
Katriina Youde  


   Dancers from Wallasey School of Ballet

Principal: Deborah Clark.
Examiner FBBO.  Deviser of the British Ballet Organisation Tap Syllabus.     Teacher: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern. 

 Natasha Carlyle  Gemma Hughes
 Mollie Christian  Sarah Parkins
 Natalie Edwards  Katie Sheridan
 Melissa Edwards  Laura Milward
 Mark Griffiths  Kemal Kuguloglu
   Kylie Baker


ProductionTeam                 Adelphi  2010

Stage Manager

 Dave Molley

Assistant Stage Manager

 Richie Lee
Set Design & Construction  Ken Rotchell
Additional Scenery  Gordale Nurseries
Multimedia Producer  Ken Rotchell
Sound Design & Operation  Mike Haxby
Lighting Design & Operation  Sarah Readman
Rehearsal Pianists  David Steedman
 & Imogen Hayward


 Mary Newton & Jenny King


 Carol Garland,  Elaine Williams
 @ The Costume House

Stage Crew

 Oliver Hambly, Chris Newton,
 Geoff Simmons, Dave Otter

Set Dressers  Alison Bentley, Ann Birks,
 Lucy Kirkbright, Caitlin Lee,
 Hayley Molley, Nikki Molley

Microphone Dressers

 Kerry Willers, Paige Willers


Production Chairman

 Ian Browell
Production Manager  Ray Davies
Production Secretary  Cheryl Seabury
Marketing Manager  Michael Kennedy
Marketing Team  Michael Kennedy  David Crosby
 Nick Hawkswell, Dave Lee,
 Nick Sample

Programme Editor

 Dave Lee

Programme &  poster design

 Nick Sample

Front of House Manager

 Bob Jarvis

For Wallasey School of Ballet

Dressmakers  Patricia Chambers
 Sheila Abernethy
 Pam Townsend


 Patricia Chambers,
 Deborah Rodney,
 Pam Townsend,
 Faith McDougall


Programme                         Adelphi  2010








Photographs                         Adelphi  2010

First Act

'There's Somebody on the Roof'

'Once in a Lifetime' - 1

'Once in a Lifetime'- 2

Thompson Goes Home

'Musical Comedy Showtune'-1

'Musical Comedy Showtune'-2

The Kitchen / 'Rats'

'A Wedding and a Yacht'

Hollywood Party and 'Yippee Ai Eh!'

On The Roof of the Adelphi

Second Act

'Thompson from Accounts'

Mo, Thompson, Frank, Babs, Pawnbroker

Hollywood Producer,'Dance for me, boy'

The 'stolen ring' and The Next 10 Seconds

Boogie Woogie Dance Routine



The Orchestra

Press Coverage / Videos                    Adelphi  2010

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Click here to see the video of 'The Next Ten Seconds'

Officials                         Adelphi  2010


Lee Ireland

Vice- Presidents

Barbara Adams
Colin Iveson


Executive Committee



Tony Clare


Ian Browell

Hon Secretary

Cheryl Seabury

Hon Treasurer

Jane Graham

Hon Assistant Secretary

 Ray Davies


Committee members


 Amy Duggan  David J Lee
Nick Hawkswell  Rob Poston
 Dave Lee  Jean Taylor

Life Members


 Barbara Adams  Ray Davies
 Carolyn Garland  Lee Ireland
 Margaret Jones  Rupert McCarthy
 Eric Mates  Michael Kennedy

Social Committee





 Wendy Newton


 Lee Ireland

Hon Secretary

 Jan Bradshaw

Hon Treasurer

 Sue Jarvis



Committee members

Barbara Adams  Sheila Davies
Samantha Arnold  Joan Rees Jones
 Helen Banton  Irene Nugent