Rhythm of Life 2018

General Information         Rhythm of Life - 2018

Saturday 24th February 2018- evening at 7.30pm
Sunday   25th February 2018 - afternoon at 2.30pm

Westbourne Hall, West Kirby 

Musical Director - Robert Bowness

Rehearsal Accompanist - Victoria Wells

Together with Dancers from The Wallasey School of Ballet
under the direction of their Principal

Deborah Clark

Ticket Sales -  Bob Jarvis

Programme               Rhythm of Life - 2018


Photographs               Rhythm of Life - 2018

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John Phipps and Keith Phillips in 'A Musical'

Mike Ellis leads the Company in 'Once in a Lifetime'

Michael Kennedy - the organiser of the concet thanks all who were involved with the event.

The Mayor's Consort Bill Maclachlan and MD Rob Bowness
Photography by Richard Jennings of Cetra Photography.

Organiser Michael Kennedy has sponsored a school in Sierra Leone- appropriately called
'The Rhythm of Life' school

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