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Company  2016


Wednesday 11th May 2016 - Saturday  14th May 2016
Evenings at 7.30pm


Westbourne Hall, West Kirby


               Paul Kirkbright

Musical Director
               Robert Bowness


              Deborah Clark
Examiner FBBO.  Deviser of the British Ballet Organisation
Tap Syllabus.     Teacher: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Modern.

 Music and Lyrics   Stephen Sondheim

Cast Members                    Company  2016

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Bobby Nick Hawkswell
  Nick talking about the show
Sarah Tia Gill
  Tia talking about the show
Harry Ben McConaghy
Peter Carl Howard
Susan Samantha Arnold
Jenny Joanne Poston
David Stuart Rathe
Amy Lucy Kirkbright
Paul Rob Poston
Joanne Sharon Henderson
Larry Keith Phillips
Marta Amy Duggan
Kathy Cressida Yorke
April Dawn Lindfield       

Company  2016

Production Manager

 Dave Molley

Stage Manager

 Richie Lee
Assistant Director  Beth Kirkbright
Lighting and A/V  Derek Boseley
Sound  Dave Molley

Microphone Dresser

 Kerry Willers

Costumes  Tia Gill
Rehearsal Pianist  Victoria Wells


 Carloyn Garland


 Neston Players

Front of House/Tickets

 Bob Jarvis

 The Band

 Clarinet/Alto Sax/  Flute/Alto flute  Phil Shotton
 Clarinet/ Tenor Sax  Sarah Queen
 Clarinet/Bass Clarinet  Tom Evans
 Trumpet  Julie Baker
 Trombones  John Davies
 Keyboard  Victoria Wells
 Keyboard  Andrew Barney
 Bass  Tim Pike
 Drums, Percussion  Tony Jennings
 Many thanks to Jonny Clayton for his invaluable help

Programme                         Company  2016

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Photographs                Company  2016

Promotional black and white stills

Press Coverage                     Company  2016


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NODA Review

NODA review - Company

It's been some time since WKLOS favoured us with a “proper” musical but it was well worth waiting for. If you went looking for an Oklahoma, Oliver, South Pacific style show then you might well have been disappointed and it's unlikely that you would have left the venue humming the tunes you had just heard. However you would have left glowing from seeing an evening of first class entertainment.
Company is a concept musical composed of short vignettes, presented in no particular chronological order, linked by a celebration for Bobby's (The main character) 35th birthday. It was among the first musicals to deal with adult themes and relationships. As Sondheim puts it, "Broadway theatre has been for many years supported by upper-middle-class people with upper-middle-class problems.  These people really want to escape that world when they go to the theatre, and then here we are with Company talking about how we're going to bring it right back in their faces."
I have seen this show before but this production was so far removed from the one I had previously seen as to make me wonder if I had wandered into the wrong theatre.  Brilliantly directed by Paul Kirkbright, “aided” by his daughter Beth, he managed through his talented cast not only to capture all the humour, some of it black, which abounded throughout the script but also the sadness which often accompanies long standing relationships.  Rob Bowness the Musical Director provided us as usual with great skill in the singing from the cast and his handling of the “band”.
If there was a weakness in the casting I could not see it and each of them gave their character that little spark of difference which made their individuality stand out. I'm not listing their names there is no first among equals. However, I would like to make an exception in the case of Nick Hawkswell who played Robert; his role demanded that he was on stage for practically the whole time and as this was his first leading role it was an amazing performance. There were of course some magic moments.  The Karate scene, the Manic bride, Ladies who Lunch, the Strip and Side By Side By Side; the latter splendidly choreographed by Debbie Clark and amazingly sung and danced by the cast in a very limited space.

In respect of the space the scenery/set was very clever indeed. No fewer than six entrances/exits enabled the cast not only to move freely but created an environment ideally suited to the action of the piece. The Scenery contribution came from Neston Players and I'm not surprised that it fitted the bill so well. Obviously WKLOS are blessed with a strong backstage team which enhances what you see on stage. I hope we will not have to wait a long time before they stage a major show again.

Promotional videos             Company  2016

'Behind the scenes' promotional video   Thanks to Greg Jones

'You could drive a person crazy' - in rehearsal-1

'You could drive a person crazy' - in rehearsal-2

"What would we do without you?"

Officials                           Company  2016


Barbara Adams

Past President

Lee Ireland

Vice- Presidents

Colin Iveson
Margaret Groome


Executive Committee



 Michael Kennedy

Hon Secretary

Hon Treasurer

Sue Jarvis

Committee members


 Fran Allen  Jane Graham
 Tia Gill  Fiona Philpott

Life Members


 Barbara Adams  Ray Davies
 Carolyn Garland  Lee Ireland
 Margaret Jones  Rupert McCarthy
 Eric Mates  Michael Kennedy
Helen Banton  



 Social Committee



 Wendy Newton



Hon Secretary

 Helen Banton

Hon Treasurer

 Sue Jarvis



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