Press coverage - costumes            Titanic - the Musical  - 2012

                          The Costumes

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Jean Taylor


                                                                        click to enlargeback l-r Eric Mates, Fran Allen, Andrew Zsigismund, Cheryl Seabury, Mike Ellis, Amy Duggan, Katriina Youde, Carol Garland, Ray Davies **** front l-r Jan Bradshaw, Wendy Newton, Denise Milnes, Jean Taylor, Debbie Simnor
                                            Costume display at St George's Hall Liverpool    

Eric Mates, Denise Milnes, Mike Ellis, Andrew Zsigismund, Jean Taylor

Ray Davies, Jan Bradshaw

Amy Duggan

Eric Mates, Carol Garland

Andrew Zsigismund, Jean Taylor

Andrew Zsigismund, Katriina Youde

Mike Ellis